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A New Harvest: Native American Businesses Create Sustainable Food Security in the Homeland

November 7, 2022

Program Overview

Join us on Wednesday, November 16 at 2:00 PM EST for A New Harvest: Native American Businesses Create Sustainable Food Security in the Homeland. This live, interactive program will feature inspiring stories of Native American businesses making important contributions to the security of food supplies.

Native American food producers successfully engage with international partners in the food and agricultural sectors. Their contributions to international trade encourage diversification of the food supply chain, promote involvement of small and medium sized enterprises, and help build resilience and security in global food supply chains. The Biden Administration has fully committed to actively include minority and underrepresented groups in food supply chain solutions, and these businesses provide excellent examples of achievable results for small and medium sized businesses.

Join us for this important event. We will broadcast live on this webpage and take audience questions live on-air.


Latashia Redhouse, American Indian Foods Director, Intertribal Agricultural Council

Latashia Redhouse is an enrolled member of the Diné Nation and was raised in southeastern Utah. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Journalism with an emphasis in Corporate Communications at Utah State University. She has spent years supporting organizations with marketing strategies and guidance and is excited to serve the Native American farmer-entrepreneurs and business owners. Her passion is to inspire Indigenous professionals and offer solutions to help grow their businesses.

Mike Scott, Managing Partner, Arctic Circle Wild Seafood

Mike Scott is the technical person who is about getting properly prepared and delivering high quality to each customer. Originally from Seattle, Mike has spent 42 years living in the Arctic.  Mike grew up learning about the fishing industry from his grandfather, who was an executive with Alaska Packers who bought and sold wild seafood products for decades in Alaska. Mike has an MPA from Harvard University and a BA from the University of Washington (UW). Mike is the recipient of the Kennedy School of Government annual Robert F. Kennedy Award for Distinguished Public Service serving the homeless in Kotzebue.


Jake Robinson, Chief Development Officer, Red Lake, Inc.

Jake Robinson has worked on behalf of The Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians for the past four years, focusing on business development and market growth strategies. Before returning to his Tribal nation, Jake graduated from the University of Minnesota Morris and had a diverse career in commercial fishing, contracting, and small business ownership. Red Lake, Inc. has a diverse range of companies in its portfolio, ranging from food production, energy distribution, retail, and construction. One of the core business areas that Red Lake, Inc. focuses on is in harvesting, processing, and distributing locally grown specialty food products to national and international markets.  


Moderator: Loren Hurst, Senior Producer, Bureau of Global Public Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Loren Hurst is a strategic communications professional specializing in public diplomacy for interdisciplinary contexts. His focus is the use of digital and virtual spaces to engage stakeholders from different backgrounds and advance the understanding of risk from global challenges such as climate change, pandemics, and cybersecurity. He is the lead producer on science diplomacy issues such as food system resilience, water security, and space affairs. He is an active member of the Public Diplomacy Council of America where he writes articles and advises on digital outreach strategy. 

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