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Pitching to Media 101

March 9, 2023

Program Overview

In an increasingly crowded information space, the State Department has to compete to be heard.  We can’t sit back and wait for reporters to come to us.  We have to be proactive, seeking opportunities to share our message and counter disinformation.

GPA’s Office of International Media Engagement (IME) and National Media Strategy Unit (NMS) set up hundreds of interviews a year for the Secretary, Spokesperson, and other principals, ensuring that the Department’s voices are part of the global conversation.

In this webinar, IME and NMS experts will discuss strategies press officers can use to get their principals on air and in front of audiences.  The webinar will examine the best practices that make up the pitch – understanding the media market, offering timely messaging, and connecting with the audience.  It will also explore some of the practical aspects of press work, including ground rules and clearances.

This event is open to all State Department personnel.  The webinar will be recorded, and the video will be available for viewers after the session.  Live captions will be provided.