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Opening, Welcoming, and Closing Remarks

December 7, 2021

13th Annual Virtual HBCU Foreign Policy Conference Agenda

About the Conference

In recognition of Black History Month (BHM), observed in February, the U.S. Department of State will host the 13th Annual Virtual Historically Black Colleges and Universities Foreign Policy Conference. This year’s conference will include expert panels of HBCU alumni who currently work in foreign affairs, subject matter experts from regional and functional bureaus, interactive student program workshops from across the agency, and NEW after-hours sessions with career experts and specialists. Learn more about HBCUs at State by visiting https://www.state.gov/hbcus.

The session tracks during the conference will include:
  • Recruitment and Careers at the U.S. Department of State
  • Foreign Policy Classroom Discussions
  • Outreach and Strategic Partnerships with the Federal Government
  • Creating Equity for HBCU Opportunities

What You Need to Know

Who Can Attend?

  • Students attending HBCUs or PBIs
  • Professors, faculty, and staff at institutions of higher learning
  • Universities and community colleges
  • Interagency employees

Why Attend the Conference?

If you are a student or faculty member at a college or university interested in international affairs, foreign policy, or a career as a diplomat, this is the conference for you.

What to Expect During the Conference

A full day of sessions has been dedicated to careers in international affairs at the U.S. Department of State, panel discussions on the top foreign policy priorities, and discussions highlighting the agency’s leadership.

Do You Need Software to Join This Event?

No software is required to participate in the symposium. A link to the website will be emailed to registrants.