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TEST – GIST TechConnect: Develop Your Roadmap to Startup Success
Tuesday, Sep. 21, 2021 at 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT
September 21, 2021

GIST TechConnect: Develop Your Roadmap to Startup Success

When: Tuesday, Sep. 21, 2021 at 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM EDT
Watch Online: GIST Livestream Page

Whether it’s team-building, fundraising, marketing, or product development, building a strong network to utilize can be critical for startup success. But how do you build a strong network? What resources might already be available to you? And then, once the network is built, how do you use that network to achieve your goals? We’ll be answering those questions, and more, to give you the tools to build your own network and maximize its potential. We’ll also be providing you with the same worksheet that we give to the startups that go through our training programs so that you can map out your plan in real-time. During this interactive session, our expert panelists will explain the benefits of a strong network and walk you through their recommendations for how to activate it. You can use the worksheet to plan your own path forward to success. Join us for this interactive live event!


Mr RavshanRavshan Kurbanov
55 Group
Ravshan Kurbanov is the CEO of management and investment company Fifty Five Group. He controls all the processes that are held in the company. Prior to becoming CEO, he held various positions at Fifty Five Group, in particular the position of managing director and risk manager. Fifty Five Group has a huge impact on the development of entrepreneurship in Tajikistan and Mr. Kurbanov is one of those who are always actively involved in initiatives of startup ecosystem development. With his help, various events were organized, which took place both at the level of Tajikistan and the region as a whole. The projects covered all segments of the population and provided participants with new knowledge and opportunities that they could use in their entrepreneurial activities. Active work in projects of international organizations helped Mr. Kurbanov to become a national consultant for UNDP on entrepreneurship development. He is an Associate Professor of Political Science.
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