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Bid GPA Virtual Open House
August 29, 2022

 Bid GPA Virtual Open House

Wednesday , September 7 @ 10:00 A.M. (EDT) 


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Every day, the smart, creative, and savvy professionals in the Bureau of Global Public Affairs are working with journalists to shape the most important foreign policy stories, advising the Secretary on public messaging, supporting the Secretary’s travel and events, crunching data to understand how our messages are received around the world, providing tools and resources to posts around the world, and creating engaging content that tells America’s story—a story of resilience, change, diversity, and progress. 

This year, we have positions open at a range of grades across the Bureau to help you grow professionally, develop new skills and contribute to the Department’s mission. We welcome bidders from all cones.

Join GPA leadership to learn about the Bureau, ask questions and find out more at our virtual Open House.

 For more details on available positions, check Bid GPA SharePoint Site and/or the bureau’s Foreign Service recruitment coordinator, Laura Hesselton at hesseltonle@state.gov